Floor Coverings International West Houston is pleased to offer a wide assortment of flooring options for residents of West Houston and Sugar Land. Here, we take a closer look at a century-old style that’s never been more popular.

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You guessed it – subway tile takes its name from the same type of tile used in New York City subway stations in the early 20th century.   Who knew that when originally designed in 1904, subway tiles would end up becoming popular for homes!

There are a few characteristics common to most subway tiles. They are usually white with pencil thin grout lines.   The rectangular-shaped tiles measure 3” by 6”. They are stylish but sturdy enough to handle regular wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Subway tile is most commonly found on kitchen backsplashes and countertops. You can also find subway tile in bathrooms around bathtubs and showers. If you’re looking for something that will increase the value of your home and stay in style over the course of many decades, subway tile is a great choice.

Feeling adventurous? Most subway tiles are most often made of ceramic, but glass subway tiles are gaining in popularity. Many creative homeowners use different colors of glass subway tiles to brighten up their kitchen or bathroom. Some owners will even combine standard subway tiles with beautiful mosaics to add more texture and color.

Take a look at our tile gallery. If the tile you see has dimensions of 3” by 6”, it’s a subway tile. We offer a variety of colors and styles. Subway tiles usually trend on the higher priced end of flooring tile options.

Have more questions? Our experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston are eagerly waiting to take your call and help you find the right floor covering for your space. We proudly serve the West Houston and Sugar Land area.

Photo Courtesy: Jodie Johnson