Travertine Tile Dining Room West HoustonTravertine tile is a popular flooring option to consider when designing a classic, high-end space. Often bringing to mind Italian villas and historic Roman architecture, this natural stone tile is a beautiful and durable option for indoor and outdoor flooring projects.

A type of limestone formed from geothermal springs, travertine comes from many regions including Italy, Mexico, and Turkey. It has been a popular building material throughout history, and was used in such treasured ancient monuments as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, both quarried near Tivoli, Italy.

There are many reasons why travertine tile is a good flooring option for our customers in the Houston area. Following are some of the top benefits to consider.

Beauty and Variety

Travertine is a light colored stone most often found in various shades of white or beige. Darker tones of grey and rusty red are also available, making travertine truly suitable to any color scheme. This naturally porous material can lend itself to a rustic look or, when filled and polished, provide a sleek and gleaming surface fit for any high-end home.

Travertine Tile Beige West Houston


One of the great benefits of a natural stone tile is its durability, and travertine is no exception. It is a very hard material that will stand up well to high traffic areas. Travertine is quite porous and can be vulnerable to stains. But when properly sealed and maintained it provides a surface that will look beautiful and survive the life of your home.

An added benefit for our customers in West Houston and Sugar Land is the ability of travertine to stay cool in warm climates. Travertine tiles can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and provide a comfortable surface throughout the hot Houston summers.

Cost and Installation

Travertine is considered a luxury option without the hefty price of marble, to which it is often compared. Travertine is also much easier to cut and shape than marble, which is a major advantage throughout the installation process.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss travertine tile for your next flooring project. Contact us for a free design consultation to learn if travertine tile is right for your home. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston will be happy to review your options and find the best tile for you.

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