West Houston HardwoodHardwood flooring is a beautiful and durable addition to any home in the greater West Houston area. White oak is a popular hardwood choice due to its unique wood grain, durability, and elegant look. If you’re interested in installing white oak hardwood in your home, the experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston have gathered some information for you below!

Advantages of White Oak

  • Different Looks: White oak hardwood is available in several different options. It can be purchased as solid hardwood, engineered, or even laminate. You can select between different plank widths and even different stains and finishes. You can truly customize your flooring to match your décor style!
  • Durable: White oak has a 1360 rating on the Janka Hardness scale and holds up well to everyday wear and tear.
  • Sustainable: Since white oak is native to the United States, it has a lower carbon footprint than hardwood that is grown, harvested, and shipped from overseas.
  • Affordable: White oak is a very affordable hardwood option.

Red Oak vs. White Oak

While the names may be similar, red oak and white oak have very different looks. The two are often confused, but the easiest way to tell them apart is to assess their color. White oak is darker and ranges from beige to brown. Red oak is often a light amber or cream color with pink to red undertones.

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Photo Credit: PavelShynkarou