Hardwood Types, West HoustonHardwood flooring is elegant, offers timeless styles, and provides many years of enjoyment due to its excellent durability. It is a particularly smart flooring choice in the greater West Houston and Sugar Land area because it works well with any décor, is easy to maintain, and stays cool in the summer months. At Floor Coverings International West Houston, we offer a huge selection of hardwood flooring. If you are thinking about re-flooring, it is definitely an option you should consider.

Here are the main factors to keep in mind when selecting hardwood flooring.

Grain Patterns

Different wood species have their own distinct genetics, and they grow in different climates and at different rates. This produces distinct grain patterns that you’ll want to decide between. For example, oak has a very wide, prominent, and pronounced grain pattern, which is due to it its early summer growth. Cherry, on the other hand, has a denser grain pattern. With maple, you may find a more uniform grain, but some varieties exhibit a curly grain that results in a unique look. Choose a more prominent grain pattern if you want your floors to show variation and stand out a bit more. Pick a more subtle gain pattern if you prefer that other elements of your room be the focal point.


Different wood species have different natural hues, which are often further altered through staining and sealing. Naturally dark hardwoods like rosewood and walnut give off deep, rich, brown hues. Cherry and mahogany tend to be more reddish, oak is usually a light brown, and maple and pine are naturally blonde. Keep in mind that the color of your floor doesn’t have to be entirely determined by the species of wood you select. Lighter colored woods can be stained to almost any color you prefer. When deciding between light and dark options, consider how the color will match other features of your room, including wall color, furniture, and other fixtures.


The test used to measure the hardness of a piece of wood is called the Janka hardness test. Scores are given on a scale that ranges between balsa wood at 100 and Australian buloke, which tops the scale at over 5000. Woods used for flooring measure anywhere between approximately 1000 for black walnut, around 1450 for maple, and upwards of 2400 for Brazilian cherry. The harder the wood, the more resistant to damage and wear it will be. You’ll want to choose a wood that is hard enough to withstand the traffic expected in the room you’re re-flooring.

Free In-Home Consultation

At Floor Coverings International West Houston, we are here to help you make the perfect choice in flooring for your particular needs. And the best part is that we help you do that right from home, where the specific details of your project can be directly assessed. Contact us to arrange a free in-home design consultation with one of our flooring experts!

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