West Houston Wool CarpetAt Floor Coverings International West Houston, we carry a wide variety of different carpet that will work perfectly in your West Houston home! Wool carpet is a popular choice for homeowners because it is sustainable and beautiful. Learn more about the many benefits of wool carpeting below.

What is Wool Carpet?

You may associate wool with a warm blanket or cozy sweater, but it also makes a great carpet material! Wool is made from the hair of sheep and is known for its insulating qualities. Sheep hair grows in a crimped and elastic fashion, which makes it perfect for trapping and holding in heat. Wool carpet helps to insulate your home and keep the heat or cold air in.

Benefits of Wool Carpet

  • Wool carpet is a sustainable resource. Sheep hair is biodegradable and a renewable resource. This type of carpet is less damaging to the environment than other synthetic ones.
  • Like most carpeting, wool carpet is available in a wide variety of different colors, patterns, textures, lengths, and styles to pick from.
  • While all carpet helps to insulate, wool is one of the best ones!

While wool carpet does have many benefits, it is one of the more expensive carpet options due to its high quality. Wool does a better job of hiding dirt than synthetic carpet because of its opaque fibers, but is more susceptible to staining. It efficiently absorbs and releases moisture making it so that liquids that stain, like wine, are difficult to remove.

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Photo Credit: Tom Pingel