Sisal carpet is growing in popularity in the greater West Houston and Sugar Land area because of its rustic look and its eco-friendliness. The carpets are made from the fibers of a cactus-like plant called Agave sisalana, native to Africa and Brazil. Once the leaves are cut, the fibers are extracted. These fibers are cut, dried, and treated to produce twine that can then be woven into rugs. There are many possibilities in terms of the weave pattern, and the photo above is just one example. Just like hemp and coir, sisal provides durability that most manmade materials can’t match. Because of its durability, sisal doesn’t show the wear patterns common in wall-to-wall carpeting.


  • It’s naturally stain-resistant, so it doesn’t require any chemical treatments that may be harmful to children and pets.
  • It repels dust and static electricity.
  • It’s a low maintenance carpet option. All that’s required is weekly vacuuming.
  • It adds a beautiful and natural look to your home. Colors range from beige and creamy white to tan and blonde.
  • It absorbs sound better than other carpeting material.
  • It’s naturally flame-resistant.
  • It can be combined with other natural fibers such as wool or sea grass.
  • It is very durable. The fibers are incredibly tough, meaning it will hold up well in areas with high volumes of foot traffic.


  • Sisal does not do well with moisture and should be avoided in rooms with high levels of moisture.
  • It may feel rough underfoot compared to traditional carpet materials, so it may not be best to sit or lie on for prolonged periods.
  • It can be prone to color-fading especially with prolonged exposure to the sun.

Carpet Experts in Sugar Land

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