When selecting carpeting there are a number of factors to consider. These include the look of the carpet, its durability, how easy it is to maintain, and how much it costs. Homeowners and business owners in the greater West Houston and Sugar Land area often choose berber because it combines many of the features they hope to find in a carpet. In fact, in the last few decades berber has become one of the most popular styles of carpet available. At Floor Coverings International West Houston we offer a wide selection of Berber so that our customers can get exactly what they want.

What Is Berber?

Traditional Berber RugsBerber is sometimes thought to be a brand of carpet, or a type of carpet fiber, but this is incorrect. Berber is actually a style of carpet weave that takes its name from the Berber people who have lived across various parts of north Africa for millennia. The Berbers have been hand-weaving carpets in their traditional style for generations, creating floor coverings that are both beautiful and highly functional. The berber carpet you will find today is a machine-woven loop pile carpet that usually has a low pile height, variable coloring, and a natural appearance.

Why Is Berber So Popular?

As we mentioned above, berber has a number of features that make it a great choice to carpet your home or office. We’ll just touch on the main reasons here.

  • Durable: Berber’s low pile height and loop pile construction makes it a very durable carpet weave. This is particularly true when it is created from wool or nylon fibers.
  • Dirt & Stain Resistant: The dense weave pattern of berber means that it is generally quite resistant to dirt and staining.
  • Trackless: Varieties of berber with a low pile height that are made from wool or nylon hold up well to high levels of traffic and will not show footprints or vacuum marks. This is why you will often see berber in commercial settings such as hotels, office buildings, and schools.
  • Value: Berber is not the least expensive carpet style out there, but it does tend to be more affordable than many other options. When you take into account the benefits of berber relative to its price, it is definitely one of the best values in carpeting you will find.
  • Style: Berber is available in many colors and integrates nicely into many types of décor. It also offers a more natural look, which works particularly well in rooms that have a more rustic aesthetic.

Berber Carpet

Free Design Consultation

If you are considering berber for your home or office, be sure to contact us to arrange a free design consultation. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston will be happy to review your options with you and make sure you get the carpeting that will work best for you.

Photo Credit: Take Photo, Katherine E. Knecht, PhIIIStudio