West Houston Countertops

At Floor Coverings International West Houston, we do more than just provide our West Houston area customers with flooring. We can install a beautiful glass backsplash in your kitchen, granite countertops in your bathroom, and more! In order to make sure your countertops stay looking beautiful and last for a long time, it’s important to know how to properly clean them. Read below to learn how to clean 3 of the most popular type of countertops: granite, marble, and soapstone.


Avoid using any harsh cleaners or sponges on your countertops. Anything acidic or containing ammonia or bleach should be avoided because it will weaken the sealant over time. Make sure to clean up any spills right away with a clean cloth. Granite is resistant to bacteria, so wiping it down daily with a warm washcloth and a mild dish soap will do the trick. To further disinfect, you can use a special granite cleaner or mix together a 50:50 solution of 91% isopropyl alcohol and water. Let it sit on the countertop for a few minutes before wiping it off.

West Houston Countertops


Due to its makeup, marble is prone to marking if it comes into contact with any acid such as lemon juice or vinegar. Make sure to clean up any spills right away. Marble is pretty simple to clean, we suggest mixing warm water with about a tablespoon of mild dish soap and putting it in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the countertop and wipe with a wet washcloth. After everything has been cleaned, use a dry washcloth or paper towel to wipe up the liquid.


One of the great things about soapstone is that it is stain resistant. Unlike marble and granite, soapstone doesn’t require any special cleaners. We suggest wiping it down with warm water and soap on a daily basis. For further cleaning, household cleaners such as Lysol or Comet can be used.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean your flooring and countertops, it’s time to schedule your free in-home design consultation with Floor Coverings International West Houston! We proudly serve the greater West Houston and Sugar Land areas and look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit: Artazum & Photographee.eu