West Houston Waterproof CarpetCarpeting is not commonly used for bathroom flooring but there are some advantages of doing so. Following is some helpful information from the experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston on waterproof carpeting for bathrooms that can help you decide if it’s a good option for your home.

The Advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage of installing waterproof carpeting in the bathroom is that it is extremely comfortable. It creates a warm, cozy atmosphere that is particularly delightful when waking up in the morning, getting out of the shower, and during the cold winter months. There is simply no other type of flooring that can match carpet’s soft feel.

Carpet is also a good option for the bathroom because it can help prevent accidents. Senior citizens are particularly prone to slip and fall accidents that can result in bruises, sprains and/or broken bones; even so, just about anyone can slip on a wet floor when getting out of the shower. Carpeting naturally provides padding that prevents such accidents and makes them less serious when they do happen to occur.

The Disadvantages

One of the main reasons why many people choose bathroom tiles instead of carpets is that it is far easier to wipe up stains and messes on tile than it is to remove stains from carpet flooring. One of the biggest advantages of waterproof carpet is that it makes spills and accidents much easier to clean! It is, however, not going to be as easy to clean up as typical bathroom flooring such as tile would be.

Color Selection Tips

Small bathrooms and/or bathrooms that don’t get much natural light look best with light colored flooring. White may make the room look too sterile but pale green, yellow or blue are all good options, as are beige and light gray. Dark colors such as red, dark blue and dark green are all great for large bathrooms with plenty of light. Patterned carpeting is a good choice if you are worried about stains.

If you enjoy the warm feel of carpet, want to prevent slip and fall accidents, and don’t mind dealing with an occasional stain, then look into carpeting pattern and color options to see which one is best for your home. Thankfully, waterproof carpeting is not uncommon and there are many colors and designs to pick from. “Life Happens” by Shaw, is one of our favorite waterproof carpet options! It can also be installed in other rooms of the home with high volumes of moisture such as the kitchen or basement. Talk to your Floor Coverings International West Houston design associate to see if waterproof carpet is right for your home!

Photo Credit: Photographee.eu