West Houston Wood Look TileAdvancements in flooring manufacturing processes have made a new hybrid flooring material possible: porcelain tile that looks like natural wood. This new innovation is being used in flooring projects large and small in homes and businesses, and with stunning results. Wood look tile flooring pieces are manufactured in a number of shapes, looks, and sizes, including plank-like rectangles that further enhance the highly convincing illusion of wood.

Wood look tiles are most often made of porcelain or ceramic, and the wood grain and color are so convincing that they can fool the eye into seeing a hand scraped wood floor. Technological advancements are allowing for a level of detail in faux wood options that wasn’t previously possible.

The high quality of the illusion of wood in this product is drawing many homeowners and interior designers to choose tiles over hardwoods or laminates. The benefits of porcelain tile vs. wood are also numerous; the following are some of the top advantages of using wood look tile over hardwood:

Higher Performance and Durability

The durability and long lasting performance of wood look tiles are one of the most compelling draws. Whether a residential or commercial property, wood look porcelain tiles can be safely used in areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, basements, work areas, and pool cabanas.

Porcelain or ceramic wood look tiles can also be cleaned and scrubbed after spills as needed without worry that the grain or integrity of the “wood” will be compromised or damaged. Tiles are far easier to clean than wood and also much less prone to staining. Today’s sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure durability and long lasting enjoyment despite wear and tear, foot traffic and frequent cleaning.

Diverse Style and Selection

Because wood look tile is manufactured, just about any look is possible. Wood grains, tones, and textures that look reclaimed, rustic, engineered, traditional, or highly contemporary are all possible. From blond to bamboo, cherry or mahogany, the sky is the limit. Grain pattern may be fine or coarse, refined or artfully weathered. “Plank” (tile) sizes may be thin and small or longer and more substantial. There’s truly a style and configuration for every taste and décor.

When it comes to wood look tile colors, the spectrum is wide open as well. Traditional colors are fully covered, but a range of designer and unexpected hues are available as well. From gray to black to bright red or orange, wood look tiles are breaking the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Traditional wood looks are achievable with this new flooring type, but a range of designer colors and styles are offered as well.

Unique Layouts, Patterns, and Uses

Wood look tile can also be used in unique and compelling ways not easily achievable with traditional real wood planks. It’s possible to mix modern and contemporary flair with the warm, inviting look of wood to create a truly compelling effect. Consider a parquet, herringbone, or other detailed but geometric pattern as your tile layout.

Wood look tiles aren’t limited to use just on floors, either. How about a wood look backsplash or entire kitchen wall? These tiles can add a dimension of style and statement that just wasn’t possible before, so why not take advantage of it?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles that look convincingly like wood are a new addition to your flooring possibilities. With a higher level of performance and durability, ease of care, a range of looks and versatile options for installation, it’s no wonder that it’s growing in popularity. Give the experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston a call today to schedule your free in-home consultation!

Photo Credit: MR. INTERIOR