Engineered Hardwood in West Houston homeMore and more homeowners in the greater West Houston area are turning to engineered hardwood for their choice of flooring—and for good reason! This material is a highly versatile flooring option that’s long-lasting and adds beauty to any home. Today, our experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston share three places to install engineered hardwood that you might not have thought of.


While many debate about whether or not solid hardwood floors should be installed in kitchens, many of the concerns about moisture and wear are mitigated with engineered hardwood. Thanks to their construction, engineered boards do not expand and contract with humidity as much as solid wood. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should install it in your bathroom, engineered hardwood is a great choice for a kitchen, especially if you can’t part with that great wood look.


Remember that debate about hardwoods and moisture? That also applies to basements. Because a basement has higher levels of moisture, it is not a suitable environment for solid wood. But with engineered hardwood, you can bring wood floors to your below-grade basements. This flooring also offers a thinner profile than most solid wood options, which is an important factor in an area of your home where headroom can be hard to come by.

Engineered hardwood planks

Over Existing Floors

Unlike other types of flooring, engineered hardwoods do not need to be nailed or glued directly onto the subfloor. Rather, they can be “floated” on top of most pre-existing floors, provided they are smooth and level. This is perfect if you want to cover up old vinyl or tile flooring without the hassle of having to first remove it. Depending on their construction, the planks can either be glued together or clicked and locked into place, making installation fast and mess-free.

To learn more about engineered hardwood and other flooring solutions for your home, call Floor Coverings International West Houston to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We provide homeowners in the greater West Houston and Sugar Land areas with everything they need to find their perfect flooring!

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