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Infographic: Hardwood Alternatives

The look of hardwood is irresistible, but the price tag is not. Take a look at these hardwood alternatives from your experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston.
Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring in Houston Texas

Explore Exotic Hardwood Flooring in West Houston

Striking beauty matched with steadfast durability: what’s not to love about exotic hardwood floors? Domestic varieties of hardwood have their own charms, but at Floor Coverings International West Houston, we think there’s something special about exotic hardwood flooring. Keep reading to discover the benefits of exotic hardwood floors for your West Houston home. What is Exotic Hardwood? [caption id="attachment_600"…
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6 Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2017

Wood is a time-tested, classic choice in home flooring. It’s come a long way since the basic untreated planks of centuries gone by, and hardwood styles continue to evolve. The following are some of the hottest trends in wood flooring that the experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston expect to continue to see going forward. 1. Neutral to…
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How to Clean & Maintain Tile, Hardwood, & Carpet

Whether you’ve just installed new flooring or want to maintain your current one, it’s important to use the right products and techniques. Some floors can be easily damaged with the wrong products, and you don’t want to find this out after the fact! Read below for tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston for cleaning and…
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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood: What You Need to Know

Hardwoods are a smart addition to any West Houston area home because they are durable, available in a wide variety of looks and colors, and also add value! One of the major decisions you’ll have to make when installing hardwoods is between solid and engineered. While both are made from real wood, the way they…
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A Guide on Selecting the Perfect Hardwood Species

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring types in the greater West Houston and Sugar Land areas, and it’s not hard to see why! Hardwood is durable, stylish, and adds value to a home. Choosing to install new hardwood comes with a lot of different questions to answer. The experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston make this part a little easier…
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Meet The Luxury Flooring Trend of 2017

Just when you think you’ve seen it all with popular trends for Sugar Land homes, something new comes along and surprises you. Meet the newest flooring fad – parquet! The style incorporates multiple hardwood species to create beautiful flooring designs. This elegant and luxurious flooring choice allows you to channel your own personal style into…
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6 Reasons to Replace Your Flooring With Hardwood

When it comes to remodeling, one of the most common items homeowners change is their flooring. If you’re thinking about remodeling one room or your whole house, you might want to consider hardwood. The experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston share six reasons why you should install hardwood flooring in your West Houston home! Superior Beauty  Hardwood flooring…
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Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors: Dos and Don’ts

Hardwood flooring is timeless. It matches any style of décor and can add style and beauty to any space. Hardwood flooring is a great investment because when properly maintained it can last a lifetime. Keep your hardwood floors in tip-top shape with these tips from your flooring experts at Floor Coverings International West Houston. 1. Take preventative measures to…